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Come Follow Me Cheat Sheet

I had a seminary teacher that was influential in my life. They taught me “If you’re not cheating; you’re not trying.” With our busy lives and hectic schedules, it can feel impossible to be prepared for Sunday School, so I want to help you cheat a little bit.


Throughout the year I’ll share the cheater’s guide to our Come Follow Me. I’ll give you the highlights of what you need to know before class starts, and a few thoughts to ponder. Hopefully, this helps you feel comfortable, prepared, and ready to share when class starts - Brother Walters

February 1-7 D&C 10-11

Here’s another cheater’s guide for Come Follow Me. 


Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery lost part of the translation to the Book of Mormon. They wanted to know what the plan was for that lost section and found out that God was ready for the mistake and had a backup plan in place. This even applies to our lives. We might make mistakes, but God has a backup plan. 


Satan is still trying to stop God today. God isn’t going to be stopped. Satan might have some short term “wins” but God will always prevail.

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